Nsw backs national register to limit telemarketing

Nsw backs national register to limit telemarketing

Nsw backs national register to limit telemarketing에 댓글 없음

Nsw backs national register to limit telemarketing


Labor has backed a bid to force banks to register all domestic telemarketing calls with the Australian Government.

A group of NSW Labor MPs and senators have sent a letter to the Commonwealth Attorney-General to try and force banks to do so.

The parliamentary group wants Australia to establish a national telephone registration system, which would help protect citizens from being left unprotected from telemarketing calls.

The letter claims an Australian registry would help the Australian people identify and fight bogus calls without the fear that they may be traced and potentially prosecuted by the Government.

“Australians do not call banking branches for bank advice,” it states.

“If Australian consumers have the right to be confident in their financial position, we would urge them to keep as much banking information as possible secret.”

The group’s chairwoman Elizabeth Trachtenberg, who serves as a senator on the Banking, Finance and Employment Committee, says the Government should now consider 바카라사이트an alternative way of regulating telemarketing calls by asking banks to register their calls.

“The Australian telephone industry knows it should not make the lives of Australians on the job harder, and we don’t want to see that at risk by imposing additional regulatory requirements on banking,” she said.

“That means ensuring that banks have the information and the means to provide services to consumers.”

The Australian Communications and Media Authority and Australian Data Centres Australia are the industry’s main national telephone networks.

The AFCA is under pressure to crack down on fraud, but critics say the system is so poor that it is nearly impossible to make an accurate assessment of its effectiveness.

One key problem is that many people are given free access to the national register of calls, even though their calls are not actually made by banks.

Some phone companies have introduced voluntary rules that limit people from signing up tjarvees.como the database or logging what phone numbers they have made calls to.

In the letter to Attorney-General George Brandis, the senators argue that consumers have every right to be informed about their rights to freedom of information, and that the Australian Government should encourage the use of this data for public education and health purposes.

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