Egyptian foreign minister to continue peace push

Egyptian foreign minister to continue peace push

Egyptian foreign minister to continue peace push에 댓글 없음

Egyptian foreign minister to continue peace push.

Egyptian military chief says soldiers are ready to carry out peace push, despite protests

Israeli military says it would like to see Palestinian forces return to Jerusalem but would not make any concessions on security.

Palestinian officials in Gaza say UN-backed initiative would be for Hamas to surrender all security posts, not for them to have the right to an independent administration and a national council, in return for talks.

Egyptian security minister says talks have not w더킹카지노orked.

Palestinian officials in Gaza say they still want talks.

Kerry: The “status quo in the Middle East is unacceptable.”

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: Middle East peace “remains the No. 1 goal” of U.S.-Israel alliance.

Iran and Russia agree not to move nuclear facilities to their territory.

Syria: Assad government will remain in power, says US envoy to Syria,

Iraqi Interior Ministry accuses Hezbollah of “massacring” Kurds and arresting soldiers in retaliation.

Iraqi Interior Ministry declares ISIS has been defeated.

Iran accuses Russian fighter jets of entering Iran and Syrian airspace. Iran says jarvees.comjets violated UN air space.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Iran and Hezbollah threaten world.

Russia: No ground troops in Syria.

ISIS: ISIS’s territorial gains have failed.

Russia: ISIS has been completely eliminated.

Turkey, U.S. set up air operations to tackle Islamic State grjarvees.comoup in Iraq.

ISIS kills 14 Turkish soldiers who were killed fighting in Iraq

U.S. says Iran and North Korea are behind bombing of Syrian Kurds. Russia accuses Assad regime of supporting rebels.

U.S. says U.S. can’t accept regime change in Syria unless Islamic State is defeated.

Iran and Turkey: Ankara wants war with U.S. over Syrian Kurds.

U.S. has banned exports to Iraq.

Syria: Islamic State group continues its offensive into Turkish territory.

Saddam Hussein: Iraqi security forces will not allow ISIS to reach Syria.

Iran says Iraq’s parliament will meet on May 15 to address Iraq’s Shiite-dominated ruling Party of God.

Iranian officials say the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force has established military bases in Afghanistan.

Islamic State and al Qaeda: Iran’s Quds Force and al Qaeda have the same goals and are behind the attacks on targets in Iraq.

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